Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taiko DJ

Shotput Matters

My first time covering track and field, I decided to focus on the shot put but as it turns out shot put doesn't count for much in the local sports section. Anywho, I thought the shot put girls rocked and, especially, Jennifer Parkin from Angoon who is pictured below with her hair awash all around her and above on the right.

Tide Change

It's stylish to be seen with a fish on these tidal rocks. The Salmon wear the sequin gowns and the fishers won't budge when it comes to footware: rubber boots are haute couture in this outdoor ballroom. These pictures are proof that I have returned to Alaska in boomerang fashion.

Pelicana Arcana

Pelican Alaska. The proud podunk, the frothing sloth, the careening souls, and the downright friendly intersections make this boardwalk town tucked into the majestic Lisianski fjord one of my all time cherished places on the planet. Here are a batch of images from this year’s misty weekend of music and booze.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On Assignment

Amy Rymer and Ryan Gladstone setting up our outdoor portrait studio in downtown Mountain View in the Missouri Ozarks during their annual Cowboy Poetry Festival.

Multiple Flash

“People who start playing get strangely addicted,” Jashin Lin said about her obsession with Dance Dance Revolution. Nathan Stodola and Christina Andrade embrace on the couch as Jashin Lin, front right, and Ceili (pronounced Kali) Cornelison, front left, coordinate their foot patterns to match the streaming arrows on the video screen before them in the Mark Twain dormitory. “DDR is a haven for us,” Lin said, “Nerds who like video games and dungeons and dragons.”

Slow Shutter Speed w/Strobe

Shirley Blair and Ken McCormack make a round arm-in-arm through a strange galaxy of shooting neon stars.