Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sonic Slopes

Mollusk Manuscript

Affordable Housing

The Heart of the Story

Bob Sam, a revered storyteller from Sitka, shows off his 75 year-old tunic at Perseverance Theater. Sam is in town to coach young storytellers and also to perform this weekend at the Beyond Heritage Festival.

Ishmael Hope, left, and Bob Sam, right, coach Rickey Tagaban, a student at JDHS, through the visual enunciation of an original story he wrote.

Sudued Seracs

Compared to last year, the mendenhall glacier is far less promiscuous. These were amoung the observations made on a recent trip to the icefield, “The seracs are not as pointy. It’s almost as if the glacier’s stagnating; it’s not vigorously thrusting and moving.” However, the glacier is melting at a healthy summer rate of just under 10 inches per week.

Belly Meat

Neighborhood Glacier

The Maner family lounges at the transfixing intersection of two rivers of water, one the churning, clawing, calving neighborhood glacier, the other the breezy, misty Nugget Falls.

Maiden Voyage

A crowd gathers to watch the test launch of the, “Plastic Poison,” boat made out of recycled bottles boasting a patchwork sail stitched together from second-hand button down shirts - many flaunting perilous paisley patterns - and paddles made from crutches. The Plastic Poison will emerge again on the fourth of July to promote awareness about plastic adrift in the planet’s oceans. Pictured are Marcus Eriksen, standing, Bob Sylvester, left, Beth Peluso, front right, and Carol Anderson.

Marcu Eriksen shows off a string of plastic lighters, discarded toothbrushes, small pumice stones, and even a leg from a toy doll that he picked out of the stomachs of dead albatross in the Pacific Ocean. “The Albatross will eat these toothbrushes thinking it’s a little fish,” Marcus Eriksen said.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Graduation Fanfare

Norman Flood and the rest of the Woosh.ji.een Dance Group ushered out the graduates from the GED ceremony at the Alaskan Native Brotherhood Hall. Les Chilton, left, has his scope set on becoming a Blackhawk helicopter mechanic in the National Guard and will be flying out of Juneau in October. Timothy Backus works for Capital City Transit will steer toward his next certificate, a Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) now that he has his GED.

Decked with a garland of lucky dollarbill pinwheels, Nico Saldivar stands with sang-froid minutes before the JDHS high school graduation begins.

Jenni Sambei adjusts the hat and tassle of Kayla Wilke, her dear friend.

Alea Uddipa, left, and Jemaica Tabbad revel in the fleeting sweetness of the Floyd Dryden Middle School graduation ceremony.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tungston Delight

These aren't Mihael's homegrown radishes - his are just getting started in his window box. Stay tuned for edible ravishing radish portraits from his urban garden later this summer.

Gravity Break

The first, I hope, in a long series of trampoline-enhanced photographs. This one of John Ryan has a nice retro feel to it. I wish there were a pool with a turquoise waterslide beside him.

When the flash doesn't fire and all detail is lost, sometimes something as pleasing as a paper cut-out emerges.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hip-Hop Turbines

Harnessing the power of hip hop, Brittany Troutt and her dance class burnish the floor at the Valley JRC.